Project 9

Invisibilities by Ana Huerta

July 13th - August 2nd, Tangent Projects gallery

Invisibilities by Ana Huerta - a reflection of the artist’s experiences as a woman.

“Feminism: An attitude that does not understand prejudices, impositions or insecurities motivated by ones gender.

I began my education in apparent equality between family, friends and companions. However, my verbs have since taken on new meaning, infiltrated by obligations and doubts; the nouns accompanied by possessive determiners. The adjectives seldom positive. An education contorted.

I live in a modern society, technologically advanced, diverse, liberated. Logic shows me no differences, rationally I am your equal. But is this true, could this be our reality?

The construction of a woman, like building a work of art, requires strength, sanity and resilience. Broken and reconstructed, time after time. Moulded into a system designed for someone else. A system where stereotypes still prevail.

Invisibilities focuses on the destructive situations experienced every single day. It depicts the fragility that we all feel and the strength needed to build a new feminist future.”

Invisibilities by Ana Huerta is a continuation of the exhibition project Prototypes for a Feminist Future, a group exhibition curated by Tangent Projects earlier this year. The exhibition sought to stimulate a dialogue regarding the potential of non gendered structures and explore how to create an equitable microstructure, this would go on to develop the ideological foundation for the new Tangent Projects space.

From her formal training in product design, Ana Huerta now applies much of her skill and energy to more expressive projects. Her work seeks to influence the individual by affecting their perception of her works, relative to the surrounding environment. She is always looking to provoke an emotional response from her creative output.

Having completed her degree in Design at Escuela Elisava, Barcelona, Ana Huerta continued her professional learning whilst working at various different design studios in Barcelona, Madrid, Rekjavik and London. Meanwhile collaborating with numerous artists to create installations across Spain and Italy, including several editions of Art Nit Campos (Mallorca) and Fortyfourteen (Lucca). Her varied experience gives an appreciation of numerous aesthetic cultures and media, enabling her to draw on an eclectic range of materials and methodologies in her work.