Cotangent Invited Residency Summer 2019- Robert Cervera

Tangent Projects is very happy to announce it has invited Robert Cervera to be it’s first invited Cotangent residency artist, his residency will take place in August 2019.

This invitation has come out of over a year of enjoyable conversations and meetings, it is very exciting to be able to continue these conversations and see where they lead now that we can offer a physical space for Robert to utilise.

Air Backup - Robert Cervera, La Escocesa 2017

Robert’s work stems from a fascination with the materiality around us and within us. A recurring interest is the dialectics between formlessness and structure, flow and system. More recently, this has opened an enquiry into the ways we contain and herd shapeless assets such as water, air and data.

Air Backup - Robert Cervera, La Escocesa 2017

Robert Cervera is a London-based artist born in Barcelona. He graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Sculpture, and won the 2014 Kenneth Armitage Young Sculptor Prize for his degree show. 
Cervera's work includes sculpture, installation, video and sound, with a strong interest in materiality and our relation to it.

He has shown extensively in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Mexico.
Selected exhibitions include Yes And, Kelder Projects (London); Tomorrow Starts Here, La Escocesa (Barcelona); Identify your limitations, Vitrine (Basel); Cue Collision, House of Egorn (London); Salon Acme, Zona Maco (México); Outpost Film Open, selected by Ed Atkins (Norwich); Ichor, Danielle Arnaud (London); and Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Kunsthall Charlottenborg (Copenhagen).