Project 8

ELÁSTICO by Marina Rubio

June 8th - July 5th, Tangent Projects gallery

Tangent Projects’ inaugural exhibition in the new Tangent Projects gallery was ELÁSTICO by Marina Rubio.

Review (ESP) by Susana Pardo Gallery

Also, you can see Marina and Tsering talk about ELÁSTICO and Tangent Projects on Taquilla Inversa (Televisio L’H) here.

Elástico is a place. A defined space in which conformed matter converges. A community of objects with a familial affinity. It is a quiet and safe place, where organic and inorganic things coexist - rigid and inhabited, living, decomposing, shapeless and accidental. It is a place to be lived, expandable and modifiable.

In this project, somewhere between sculpture and installation, the artist uses different elements that share properties (materiality, composition, appearance) such as ceramics, raw clay, organic matter and fabric, to give rise to a scene which generates journeys, encounters, distances, tensions and confusion. Elastic transports us to this "locus amoenus", we depart from the rigid structures we inhabit to a soft space of reflection and pleasure.

ELÁSTICO by Marina Rubio is a continuation of the exhibition project Prototypes for a Feminist Future, a group exhibition curated by Tangent Projects earlier this year. The exhibition sought to stimulate a dialogue regarding the potential of non gendered structures and explore how to create an equitable microstructure, this would go on to develop the ideological foundation for the new Tangent Projects space.

Through her appreciation of industrial, found, reproduced or manipulated objects, Marina Rubio’s work serves to generate speculation about a reality in which the materials are forcefully displayed.

After delving into the field of ceramics, the playful nature of Marina's work has been accentuated by her decision to experiment with the found, the random and the improvised; whilst looking for new ways to understand the relationships between the work, the physical body of the viewer and the space in which they inhabit.

In her most recent work, Marina plays with construction systems with objects that are structured and interrelated, which generates contradicting dialogues arising from the same material. She interprets the material as fluid and as a living body. Her process has a lot to do with letting go of control while being in a constant state of learning through the material.

Marina Rubio started her artistic training, specialising in sculpture, in her home town of Zaragoza. She then continued her formal education with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a Masters of Ceramics in the University of the Basque Country. She has exhibited both individually and collectively, including - IAACC Pablo Serrano, CERCO (Zaragoza), Fabra i Coats (Barcelona), the National Ceramics Museum (Valencia), Can Mario (Palafrugell) among others. She has also taken part in the Biennal of Casablanca, Nit dels Museus (Barcelona) and was part of the Ephemeral programme of SWAB Fair in 2018. 

She has been a resident artist at La Escoscesa since 2017.