Live Coding with Sonic Pi - Raechel Teitelbaum

June 7th, 21.30h at Tangent Projects studios.

Raechel Teitelbaum’s live coding performance at Tangent Projects coincided with our inaugural exhibition - ELÁSTICO by Marina Rubio.

Live Coding with Sonic Pi was a performance in which Raechel Teitelbaum combined video art and audiovisual coding. The piece involved Raechel writing live code from her computer while projecting the image on her screen onto the facing wall. During the performance Raechel wrote the code for the sonic components that she mixed, manipulated, and looped on a semi-transparent screen - beneath which Raechel’s video art piece, The New Cycle, was visibly playing as the code was being written over it.*

By mixing her pixelated video art piece - which illustrates a new, genderless, loving, society - with code and coding language, the piece works to expand on the notion of imagining or coding potential futures to come. 

*The New Cycle was previously shown as part of Prototypes for a Feminist Future, a group exhibition curated by Tangent Projects earlier this year. The exhibition sought to stimulate a dialogue regarding the potential of non gendered structures and explore how to create an equitable microstructure, this would go on to develop the ideological foundation for the new Tangent Projects space.