Ghost in the Wall - Karla Kracht

Tangent Projects, May 19th, 8pm

A work in progress by Karla Kracht.

Ghost in the Wall embarks from an experimental investigation about coincidences, leading quickly towards the blurry and dark world of dreams, ghosts and fears. 

It was created and inspired in several travels to Taiwan, where ghosts are omnipresent. The climax is Hungry Ghost Month (the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar), when the gate opens and spirits come to take over the human world and mess around like hell. Humans live in function of the ghosts’ desires and lunatic demands and even change their habits and are restricted in their actions. 

This works mixes the physical sensations of common panics, nightmares and existential fears with the feeling of living in a very dark place during ghost month where only Pokemon catchers illuminate the blackness of the night. 

Formally it is an animated theatrical Mini-Object and Media Art performance. A magical sequence of weird occurrences. Rotating platforms, comic-like objects and characters, loops, soundscape and moving shadows are combined to create a magic experience and letting the viewer dive into the improbable world of ghostly-dark and frightening-dreamy coincidences, where all seems connected and everything and nothing seems possible. 

Karla will be working some days at Tangent Projects, where she will further develop the performance version of the show.

Idea, concept and realisation - Karla Kracht 
Music - Ilia Mayer

Supported by Soulangh Cultural Park, Pier-2 Art Center, Ministry of Culture Taiwan, Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government, Cultural Affairs Bureau Tainan City Government 

Technical support - Tiger (Kang-Hsiung Tai)