Project 10

LYR by Irma Marco

September 7th - October 4th, Tangent Projects gallery.

You can watch Irma talk about this exhibition on Taquilla Inversa here.

LYR is, in part, an appropriation of the “Liberación y Reparación” signs that can be found in mobile phone bazaars. Re-contextualising this message the artist questions aspects of our current technological dependence - emphasizing our constant need for optimisation and updating in our hyper-connected digital realities - while not losing sight of from whom, and from where, we are being offered the solutions to these particular first world problems.

Irma proposes that LYR is a space for reflection that plays with the limits between irony and the artistic object. In Tangent Projects gallery we find an installation which includes text intervention, found objects and audio testimonials. In addition, a series of gatherings will take place within the gallery. Somewhere between a debate, performance and support group, these events will seek to offer a space to consider and critique the distinct problems regarding the digital realities of today. You can read more about them here and here.

LYR by Irma Marco is a continuation of the exhibition project Prototypes for a Feminist Future, a group exhibition curated by Tangent Projects earlier this year. The exhibition sought to stimulate a dialogue regarding the potential of non gendered structures and explore how to create an equitable microstructure, this would go on to develop the ideological foundation for the new Tangent Projects space.

Photo courtesy of Jep Jorpa.

Working with pre-existing elements (sounds, images, speeches or particular contexts), Irma Marco adds new interpretations to materials that already have their own content.

With an interest in the plurality with which events are narrated and recorded, and Irma's attraction to spaces, collectives and non-hegemonic ideas - as well as the way their discourses can question that which is established -  she utilises noise, appropriationism, collaboration and exchange as combined strategies to create new layers of meaning and to open a space for possibilities. 

Focusing on site-specific projects, Irma uses context as a fundamental form of inquiry in order to define processes and results. A multidisciplinary artist, her practice moves between sound experimentation, installation, actions and interventions within a space or editorial object, among others.

Originally from Valencia, Irma Marco lives and works in Barcelona. She has exhibited, and participated, in Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (Havana), Museo de Arte Moderno de Santo Domingo, Matadero, CA2M, Fundación Telefónica (Madrid), Centre del Carme (Valencia), Bòlit Centre d'Art Contemporani (Girona), MACBA, SWAB Art Fair, Sónar Festival, Arts Santa Mónica and Primavera Pro (Barcelona) among others.

She is currently a resident artist at Fabra i Coats (Barcelona) and is studying for her PhD in Advanced Studies in Artistic Productions (University of Barcelona).