About Tangent Projects

Update - In early 2019, Tangent Projects became a cultural association and rented a space in the Santa Eulalia area of L’Hospitalet del Llobregat, Barcelona. Within this new art space there are 7 artist studios and a small art gallery/project space. The gallery is due to officially open in June 2019.

Tangent Projects is a curatorial initiative, originally founded by Laura Tammen and Tsering Frykman-Glen, set up to work with national and international emerging and mid-career artists on site responsive exhibitions and projects.

With a desire to add multiplicity to the current art archetype, Tangent Projects endeavours to showcase exemplary works in a variety of different media and platforms - including books, exhibitions, performance and on-line commissions. Our intent is to invite artists to explore "tangents" or diversions within their practice. 

In offering the opportunity for digressions to be pursued, ideas and processes that might normally have been discarded in favour of the main discourse, will have the potential to reach a conclusion. Without a commercial bias and with experimentation encouraged, Tangent Projects proposes the prospect for artists to develop the deviations within their artistic dialogue. 

In simple terms, to give artists the leeway to "go off on a tangent".

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We are always happy to hear from interested parties and encourage you to get in touch. Please email info@tangent-projects.com and we will respond as soon as we can.

We use our social media channels not only self-promote but also engage with the larger art community by posting and sharing information on events, exhibitions, open calls and articles we find interesting.

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